Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Charlie

Not that Fox or TBS has ever shown any sort of admiration or likeness towards the Philadelphia Phillies, but it is hard to sit and watch and listen to the commentators continually question good ol 'Charles Junior.'  

The profound disapproval by Tim McCarver with Charlie Manuel not sending the runners (Jimmy Rollins from 2nd and Shane Victorino from 1st) with 1 out and Chase Utley at the plate in the eighth inning, made my teeth grind.  Fair enough, Chase grounded into a double play with Ryan Howard (at the time, 0 for 3 with 3k) on deck.  Using a cliche sports phrase, hindsight is 20/20.  I'm proud of you Tim McCarver.  You figured out that it didn't work out and then adamantly showed your disapproval for Manuel.  

Chase Utley hits the ball hard, even on his outs.  He hits line drives.  And even before Charlie Manuel said this in his post game interview, most knowledgeable sports fans/writers/commentators whatever, know Utley doesn't hit into hardly any double plays but does hit many line drive outs, which would make a double play much easier.

So what is the purpose of my commentary?  To say this:  What will it take for Fox, TBS, ESPN and anyone else out there save than the city of Philadelphia, to give Charlie a little credit as a dominant Major League Baseball manager?  The guy has brought this team from a joke to a powerhouse, with, of course, the efforts of Ed Wade, Pat Gillick and Rueben Amaro Jr.  The Phillies in the past 2 seasons haven't lost more than 1 game in a postseason series.  They are in back to back world Series after not seeing a 163rd game in 13 seasons.  Charlie Manuel will shock you when watching his interviews.  How does this guy become a Major League manager with a diction like that?  If the job description were to not say the words 'like,' and 'you know' and 'well' then he would fail miserably.  The job description is to win games and thats what he does.  He wins games.  It's rare occasion you hear them question Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox or Terry Francona.  None of them has a team in this years World Series.  None of them had a team in last years.  Let Charlie be Charlie and let the Phillies keep on rollin.

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