Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farewell Brett

Brett Favre is comparable to a tv sitcom.  Let's just use Cheers as an example.  Probably one of the greatest shows of all time.  Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  But like all good things, it must end.  Don't try to stop it.  And once its over, you just don't come back.  It doesn't work like that.

But Cheers had a great resurgence with its re-runs.  And Brett had a great resurgence this year after his 9th retirement.  Two years ago with the Packers it began.  Last year with the Jets it furthered itself.  And this year with the Vikings its over the top.  People are watching Brett Favre and rooting against him rather than for the other team.  This sitcom was certainly a drama.

Brett Favre is a bad actor.  An annoying actor to watch.  He overacts.  Similar to Ted Danson.

Favre can get popped by three linebackers then sprint to the endzone and celebrate like an 13 year old at Christmas who just received a Jenna Jameson blow up doll.  But then he can get knocked over with a shoulder to the chest from a corner back at half speed and plead for the late hit flag.  Then he can throw an interception and limp off the field, both arms draped over trainers, barely able to walk and support any of his own wait.  Similar to just getting out of the jungle in Vietnam after a land mine exploded underneath him and he had to crawl a mile to the helicopter so he could fly to safety.  Oh but wait, the Saints just went three and out in about two minutes and Brett Favre is miraculously sprinting back into the game!  What a recovery!  Again!

It's getting old.  It is terrible acting.  No super bowl.  Its a shame the NFL didn't get its dream matchup of Manning vs Favre.  But for anyone outside of Minnesota, thank God.  Many many many fans just never want to hear Brett Favre's name ever again, let alone watch him act on the football field.  Many many many people are hoping SportsCenter will need to find something new to cover in August instead of running 40 minutes of a 48 minutes show (without commercials) on Brett Favre rumors.  No one cares.

Sweet sweet justice to the Brett Favre sitcom.  Just like his last NFC championship game, he lost the game for his team with an ill-advised pass, which was intercepted.  He had a great season.  He may have had his best season ever statistically.  But he didn't have his best season overall.  He didn't win the Super Bowl.  He will never win another Super Bowl.  And bluntly, the feel is that no one really cares.  The feel is praise for the Saints and a great Super Bowl match-up in two weeks. 

The sitcom is over.  The finale was a great one.  But let's hope thats what it is.  A finale.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Steroids are for motivated athletes

Thank you Mark McGwire.  Thank you Alex Rodriguez.  Thank you Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens.  Thank you whoever else took steroids.  Lets face it, these guys put baseball back in the spotlight.

In light of Mark McGwire's admittance to taking steroids I would like to take the time to express my gratitude.  Everyone knows his 1998 home run battle with Sammy Sosa put baseball back on the map.  From there Roger Clemens pitched stellar baseball in his late 30s and early 40s.  Alex Rodriguez put up home run numbers that had many believing he would surpass Barry Bonds inflated home run total.

Whatever happened to any of those guys?  No penalty to A-Rod I know that.  The Bonds and Clemens cases kind of just faded away.  So whatever it takes guys, make the game interesting, fill your pockets, fill the seat hit the ball out of the park.  Hell, Ryan Franklin, go out and make yourself a closer.  There's no asterisks that I know of...

Here's what it comes down to:  The NFL has Plaxico Burress, Chris Henry, PacMan Jones, Michael Vick.  Their shortcomings result in missed seasons or no more seasons.  Baseball has Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez.  Their shortcomings result in denials and apologies but no missed time and filled seats and TV ratings.

So here's the message to the youngsters out there from MLB baseball: "don't do steroids.  steroids are bad.  But, if you do take steroids, you will get a nice contract and fame.  But don't do steroids!  But if you do, you won't get in trouble.  But don't do steroids!

Spring training is right around the corner.  Who's excited for baseball this year!  Thanks steroid buddies!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles: A look back and forward

As the Eagles season dismally ended in wondrous failure not once, but twice, it is time to reflect on the true purpose of this organization.  Jeffrey Lurie and the Philadelphia Eagles are perfectly content with mediocrity.

All you hear in non-Philadelphia media (ESPN, Fox, whoever) is that the Eagles have made the playoffs in 8 of Reid's 11 seasons and McNabb is a future Hall of Famer and the Eagles are always a competitive team.  But the Eagles lost Jim Johnson in the off-season to unforeseen circumstances and that proved to be a huge reason why the Eagles season ended when it did this year.  He seemed to be the link that kept the team afloat; he kept a blitzing defense of hard nosed players doing what they had to do to make the team win.

Now the Eagles have 6 middle linebackers in a season, one of which came out of retirement.  Now they give up 34 points in a wild card playoff game.  Now they HAVE to use our offense to win games, when before, it was optional because the defense kept them in games and even won them games.

This brings me to my main point.  McNabb and Reid has not been and will not be the answer for a championship in Philadelphia.  Obvious statement?  Yes, I know.  This is what every Philly fan says?  Yes, I know.  But, here are some things that might not be that obvious.

The organization is blinded by stupid, unimportant facts.  Something like the Eagles scored the most points in Reids tenure this year.  Ok, great.  How many did they score week 17 with a first round bye on the line?  How many did they score in the playoffs?  How did they score their 14 in the playoffs?  One was a pass from Michael Vick!

But McNabb has a great percentage and had 223 passing yards!  Great!  They were down 20 when he got those yards.  But DeSean Jackson had so many touchdowns over 50 yards!  Great!  That means the Eagles cant sustain a 15 play scoring drive.  Look at Andre Johnson and Chad Ochocinco when they have big games.  14 catchs, 120 yards.  DeSean Jackson has 3 catches, 150 yards.  Because his quarterback can't find a second read receiver.  It's the first read or tight end/running back.

But its ok, as long as Andy Reid keeps 'taking responsibility for this loss.'  And McNabb 'takes full blame but I still want to be an Eagle.'  Keep saying what you have to say.  That will keep Lurie keeping you.

Andy Reid gets a contract extension.  Not when the Eagles make it deep into the playoffs and upset some teams and actually accomplish something new.  No, Reid gets a new contract when the team is on a winning streak but has proven nothing.

Kolb throws for over 300 yards his first two games.  But as long as McNabb is there, he's the guy.  Why did you use a first round pick on Kolb again?  

Remember, a lot of the Eagles success under Reid came from A.J. Feeley and Jeff Garcia.  Yes, McNabb was a huge part of it at as well, but he always had bailout weapons (Westbrook, T.O.)  Now that Westbrook is old and beat up and couldn't bail out McNabb this year, he had no go to guy when his offense was sputtering at the worst possible time.

McCoy worked out great, but when Westbrook was able to play again, the Eagles put that gameplan to rest and then lost.

Here is what it comes down to.  Andy Reid is very loyal.  He is also very stuck in his ways.  He is also predictable.  He has also accomplished the same thing that 100 other NFL coaches has accomplished:  1 super bowl, no rings.  Donovan McNabb has put up some great numbers.  But he has accomplished was 100 other quarterbacks have accomplished: 1 super bowl, no rings.  Yes we can throw around all kinds of stats and facts about these two guys but the two bottom lines are the same.  And Jeffery Lurie.  He does what it takes to fill seats.  He wants to win.  But his bottom line is the same as the previous two:  No rings.