Sunday, January 24, 2010

Farewell Brett

Brett Favre is comparable to a tv sitcom.  Let's just use Cheers as an example.  Probably one of the greatest shows of all time.  Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  But like all good things, it must end.  Don't try to stop it.  And once its over, you just don't come back.  It doesn't work like that.

But Cheers had a great resurgence with its re-runs.  And Brett had a great resurgence this year after his 9th retirement.  Two years ago with the Packers it began.  Last year with the Jets it furthered itself.  And this year with the Vikings its over the top.  People are watching Brett Favre and rooting against him rather than for the other team.  This sitcom was certainly a drama.

Brett Favre is a bad actor.  An annoying actor to watch.  He overacts.  Similar to Ted Danson.

Favre can get popped by three linebackers then sprint to the endzone and celebrate like an 13 year old at Christmas who just received a Jenna Jameson blow up doll.  But then he can get knocked over with a shoulder to the chest from a corner back at half speed and plead for the late hit flag.  Then he can throw an interception and limp off the field, both arms draped over trainers, barely able to walk and support any of his own wait.  Similar to just getting out of the jungle in Vietnam after a land mine exploded underneath him and he had to crawl a mile to the helicopter so he could fly to safety.  Oh but wait, the Saints just went three and out in about two minutes and Brett Favre is miraculously sprinting back into the game!  What a recovery!  Again!

It's getting old.  It is terrible acting.  No super bowl.  Its a shame the NFL didn't get its dream matchup of Manning vs Favre.  But for anyone outside of Minnesota, thank God.  Many many many fans just never want to hear Brett Favre's name ever again, let alone watch him act on the football field.  Many many many people are hoping SportsCenter will need to find something new to cover in August instead of running 40 minutes of a 48 minutes show (without commercials) on Brett Favre rumors.  No one cares.

Sweet sweet justice to the Brett Favre sitcom.  Just like his last NFC championship game, he lost the game for his team with an ill-advised pass, which was intercepted.  He had a great season.  He may have had his best season ever statistically.  But he didn't have his best season overall.  He didn't win the Super Bowl.  He will never win another Super Bowl.  And bluntly, the feel is that no one really cares.  The feel is praise for the Saints and a great Super Bowl match-up in two weeks. 

The sitcom is over.  The finale was a great one.  But let's hope thats what it is.  A finale.

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