Monday, November 2, 2009

What's Wrong with the NFL pt 2

For those of you that are not familiar with the English Premier League, here is a quick overview of their ladder system. Keep in mind, there is no excitement of the playoff bracket system, which, in my opinion, hurts the league. The champion is crowned by who is on the top of the ladder at the end of the season, with the most points as a team for wins and ties. Now for the fun part...there is no safety in going, say 0-16 like the Lions. The bottom 3 teams in the Premiership are out of the Premiership at the seasons end. The top 2 teams from the 'B' grade or 2nd tier league and the winner of a playoff from teams 3-6 move up and take the last 3 spots. How cool is that?

It's this cool. We wouldn't have to watch the Rams, Chiefs or Lions this season. (They were the three worst teams last year) By the way, those three teams have a great chance at finishing as the three worst teams again this season. When will this terrible football stop?

The UFL could be considered a "B" league for football. It's purpose is to showcase the future stars of football. I know its a wild idea and will never happen. Right now it just doesn't work financially. But the AFL-NFL merger of 1970 was a pretty wild occurrence. Whats to say the NFL and UFL or any other league for that matter don't merge and form an "A" league and "B" league with teams jockeying for position in the first tier league. At worst, it keeps it interesting for the worst teams in the "A" league. They have to play out every game to win. In my opinion, which is what a blog is in the first place, it will add much more excitement to the NFL. There won't be any more 'scrimmages' as Antonio Pierce put it, with teams walking through inferior teams, pulling their starters early, and padding their record with uncontested games...

I'm just saying, who wants to watch the Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, or Bucs play another game this year...

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