Friday, October 22, 2010

Good win Phils...but do you plan on hitting this series?

First of all, I just wanted to start this blog by saying to ESPN, TBS, FOX and other baseball media outlets over-hyping series: Stop with the "over 50-years of pain crap." We heard it with the Red Sox for what seemed like 12 Octobers, we heard it about the Cubs, we are know hearing it about the Giants and the Rangers. We heard it about the Phillies before 2008 and the White Sox before 2005. We get it. There's a lot of baseball teams that don't win championships. There's a lot of suffering cities. But it's not unique. And it's not newsworthy if you don't stop reporting it year after year. And it's not that dramatic. So let it go.

There, now let's move on.

Most Phillies fans are thinking 'Thank God we won that game." But they have to be a little bit scared. If not extremely scared. Again, the Phillies relied on the opposing teams errors to rally and score runs. Troublesome.Again, produced runs in less than three innings of the game. Worrisome. And again, Ryan Howard hit nobody in. Un?Awe?Some?

But with all of those negatives, the Phillies still won.

But they can't rely on that anymore. It's not a recipe for success.

Which raises the question...Do the Phillies have it anymore offensively?

What happened to Chase Utley? Why and how is Shane Victorino still batting leadoff? Will Howard get an RBI? Will Jimmy Rollins pop out the rest of the post-season?

It's sad to say but it feels as if the offense just doesn't have it's spark. Thank God for Jayson Werth, but he will be gone soon and the once offensive powerhouse Phillies will be a middle, if not bottom, of the pack offensive ball club.

But all that matters is right now. And if the Phillies can somehow muster 3 innings of runs, I like their chances. If Oswalt and Hamels continue on their hot streak, I like their chances. If the Giants offense comes back to reality, I really like their chances.

Right now the Giants are still in the drivers seat. They will be until game 7 (if there is a game 7.) But. If there is one thing baseball gurus have learned in the past two Octobers, it's that the Phillies somehow find ways to win.

But please stop with the 50-years of pain crap. It's not a story to anyone. Not even the fans that show up to AT&T park in the third inning and can't sell out game 3 of the NLCS. May the best team (with the best fans) win.

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