Monday, April 23, 2012

A bit of reflection

This blog won't focus so much on sports, I am going to welcome you all to Monday with a bit of an update on my life in Europe, and of course, some reflections on Philly sports from the weekend.

First off, things have been a bit down for me in Denmark. As I walked home from the bus stop this afternoon in yet again, another rain storm, I reflected on my life. Not for too long, just for a bit. As of right now, it has been almost two months since I have worked-meaning two months of no income. I don't yet have my residency, and I am getting shut down left and right for jobs. Yes, I am in Europe, with my beautiful wife, but every night I am subjected to something no sports fan should be subjected to-staying up way past my bedtime to watch the Phillies play, especially now that they are on the west coast. The nine-hour time difference gives me much less tolerance when I see Jim Thome, Ty Wigginton and Laynce Nix step to the plate. The time difference gives me less tolerance when I see Antonio Bastardo or Matt Stutes come out of the bullpen, or when I see Cliff Lee pitch his heart and soul out to injury and get rewarded with terrible defense and no hitting. That is all for the Phillies.

It is great, to see the Flyers advance. It's even better to see them advance with a stellar effort from their less-than-stellar goaltender, Ilya Bryzgalov. But the playoffs is all about getting hot at the right time-maybe he can get hot and Claude Giroux can continue to be the best player in the world right now. We will wait and see who the Flyers draw, but it would be great to avoid Boston and New York. And maybe not commit so many penalties. And, after talking with the soon-to-be-wed and diehard Flyers fan Scott Roesch throughout the game, I also realize that Andreas Lilja needs to be on the ice far less, along with Pavel Kubina, and Matt Carle. They just don't know what to do with the puck, how to attack a forecheck or even hot to hit hard. A huge contributing factor to the shots on goal for the first five games in the Penguins series.

I'll leave my select few readers with a positive note-something unlike me to do in my cynical and over-critical blogging tenure.

I got a rejection email for a sales consultant position this morning. The man, Lars, said that I needed to speak Danish fluently but when they hire for their exporting, he would be in touch-which, in most cases, never happens, it's just a nice way to say 'No.'

But what I appreciated, was that with all the applications this guy probably received, he takes the time to individually reject people, instead of an automated response. In this day in age, this doesn't happen much, and it feels much better for someone to get rejected by a human typing an email than an automated response.

I then took the opportunity to thank him for doing this, as it is not common practice. And he, again, responded saying, "No no Eddie, thank you. Be proud and think positive. There is always a job for someone like you." Wow- I am truly impressed. He took even more time, away from his main goal, of hiring a sales consultant, to encourage someone he has never met and will not be hiring.

The moral of this story- go out of your way, no matter how big or how small, to help someone along. I know it sounds cliche, and with all the motivational, cliche crap posted on facebook with the sun rising in the background or a tree blossoming or whatever non-related art corresponds with an over-used phrase, the little encouragements can make a huge difference.

Whether you are rejecting the ugly girl, failing a student, or telling someone who has no shot at getting a job-No, do it in a way that makes yourself better and leaves the other person feeling better about themselves. You never know what something like that can do for someone.

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