Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garnett Was Right...

Truer words have never been spoken about the 76ers fans.

The 76ers are Philadelphia's lost professional sports franchise out of the four major sports.

No matter how bad the Eagles and Flyers are, they still sell out every game, or almost every game.

The Phillies, although back on the path to the mid-90's, have escaped the fair-weather fan image for at least the time being.

But the Sixers didn't have many fans until about 10 days ago.

The young and almost talentless, but somehow bring-out-the-worst in opposition Sixers, ranked 18th in capacity attendance all season.

And for some reason I am having a really difficult time finding other game-by-game attendance statistics, but I do know, that I went to a game at home against Boston in early March, and it was no problem paying for $15 seats and walking down to a few rows up from courtside.

The team was nothing special, and the fans treated them as that. And they blew out the Celtics that night.

The point I am trying to make here, is all of a sudden, the Sixers are in the midst of accomplishing some pretty remarkable things, and now they have fans. The Phillies, Flyers and Eagles, regardless of playoff position, would have had fans all year.

So yes, KG was correct.

However...he's and idiot.

Just like Cole Hamels should feel stupid for 'initiating' Bryce Harper. Before last night the Nationals have been initiating the Phillies, winning 13 of the last 16 contests.

Garnett should know better. The veteran is in the midst of a last-ditch NBA title run, and gave the fans and the Sixers unnecessary added energy with his true comments, forcing a winner-take-all game 7.

But you do have to admit, as awful as the Sixers look (and their playoff field goal percentage proves how bad they are) they have a knack for making their opponents play awful as well. The result- a terrible game, but a chance to win.

The Allen Iverson entrance was fantastic, similar to the Sylvester Stallone recognition at Lincoln Financial Field's first game. It got the fans fired up, got the team fired up, and the Sixers landed 82 points...But that's ok, because the Celtics landed just 75.

The verdict for game 7- The Sixers will win if they initiate a sloppy game. Turn the ball over, miss free throws, foul, do whatever it takes to make the Celtics drop to their level.

But know this-if we have learned anything from this playoff run, you can never count the Sixers out-with or without true-fan support.

PS- A good friend of mine and extremely biased Boston sports friend Sean Donahoe said after game 2 the Celtics should have been up 2-0 and the series would be over soon (in Boston's favor). He can join Hamels and Garnett in the idiot bin. The first two games were decided by a point a piece, with the Sixers leading all of game 1 then losing at the end. And although I agree, on paper, the Celtics are the better team. They possess more talent. However, they aren't in 2008 anymore. They aren't that great. Remove yourself from your hometown for a second, then make a comment.

PSS- A bit of an update. I am sorry for the lack of blogs lately. I have been digging holes and tearing down walls, then gracing various gyms with my presence in the evening. Which justifies my monthly student loan payments even more. I will be in Malta the next few days for my first wedding anniversary, and will be hard fought to catch game 7, but I will try my best, of course. If I am successful, I may not be granted a second wedding anniversary. So the Sixers better win.

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