Friday, May 4, 2012

A tale of two minutes

As I will almost certainly always do, I sacrificed a good nights sleep on the eve of my first real day of work in Denmark to watch the Philadelphia sports games. At 4:51 AM, I am now writing my blog, in the wake of a rather surprising yet unconvincing Sixers win and a Ruben Amaro Jr. Phillies loss.

Within two minutes of the Sixers dramatic win, the Phils let the Nationals fans feel like they accomplished something on Take Back the Ballpark night. Thanks Phils-let the first place Nats feel like they belong there.

But lets start with the Sixers. And please excuse my lack of punctuation, I am typing on my wifes laptop and its a long story but I dont know where the apostrophe is.

This is a terrible team. They are a bunch of great athletes but terrible decision makers, terrible shooters, and terrible rebounders. Fortunately for them, the Bulls without D-Rose are worse. Finishing on a 19-2 run with most of those points coming from the line showed just how stupid the Roseless Bulls are.

The Sixers have a unique combination of unskilled players, led by the most unskilled of all, Andre Iguodala. If you have been reading my blogs at all, you know I cant stand the guy. I swear, when he makes a jump shot it is simply luck. Every shot is missed in a different way from the previous one. The arc, the spin, the release and the  jump are different in every shot. I thought for sure the Sixers ruined their chances when he chose to hoist a 3-pointer just inside of 3 minutes left instead of driving a wide open lane with his team down 1 and on the comeback trail. Of course he missed, but the naive and un-phased youthful Sixers responded by capitalizing on the stupidity of the newfound - ``Baby Bulls.``

The Sixers cant hit a jump shot to save their lives, so the Bulls gave them another way to win: they put them at the line. Philly hit their free throws, no thanks to Iguodala who will-for some reason- always choose to take the open jumper instead of draw a foul driving the lane. ``But he always gets alley oops``. Yes, uncontested. The man is afraid of what all the greats are capable of-driving the lane and making a play.

Somehow, Doug Collins found a way to get his team in position to win the game. And the lifeless without Rose Bulls, complied. Earlier I said the Sixers had no chance against the Bulls even without Rose. I gave Tom Thibodeau too much respect. The series may go 7, but the Sixers do have a legitimate chance. But dont count on 79 points and 34% shooting to win anymore games.

The Phils- Got help em. They kick fight and claw their way back to .500, even with Roy Halladay pitching terrible in his last few starts-even without Jimmy Rollins remembering how to swing a bat. But they just dont have the talent offensively. I think most people watching that game knew that when the Nationals tied it in the 8th, they were going to win the game. If the Phillies desperately need a run, they just wont get it. They didnt even come close.

The blame for that is Ruben Amaro. Not Charlie, not the aging players, but Amaro. You cant cook dinner if you dont have a hot plate. Amaro is providing his organization cold leftover sandwiches from 2008s banquet.

Schwimer did look good until the 11th when he just didnt have the juice left. I give him credit, I think he is awful, but he threw 58 pitches and gave his team a chance. But they never really had a chance when the game became tied in the 8th.

The Phillies fell to 0-4 in extra inning games, and I dont see that trend changing.

But Id like to thank the Sixers. They saved a tough two days for the Philadelphia faithful, after the Flyers overtime loss on Thursday night. The Philly sports teams arent helping my sleep schedule, and Sunday night will certainly kill me, but Ill be awake, entertaining the 3 or 4 of  you that actually read these ramblings of mine. 5:13 AM. Good morning.

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  1. If I had a small horse on a metal frame, with springs connecting the two....I would have thrown it through the wall tonight when iggy shot that 3, couldn't agree more. Here's to another 24th pick in the draft (a swing man who can't shoot). I'm not even going to get started on the phillies right now...